About Our Projects

Our Service at Home and Abroad

Whether through firewood delivery to those in serious need, solar light installations on the Navajo Reservation or in Nepal, partnering with Manna to build and deliver sustainable food services, or water improvement projects the world over, we are here to serve. We thrive on being “Hands On” in delivering these and many other types of service.

With over 35,000 clubs around the world, united in a common goal to provide solutions to these challenges, we are no different. We are not always the first people to show up, but we are always the last to leave. We strive to provide a lasting impact to anyone - no matter the circumstances; without judgment, hesitation or fear about what is possible because together, we know everything is possible.

Make A Difference

Our Club works to create better lives for people across the city of Durango, the state of Colorado and the world. We have service projects from wood delivery to food distribution for those in need and solar lights for Navajo people without access to electricity grid. We also partner with other nonprofits to supply hands on workforce services and/or funding to initiate and complete important projects. We welcome people who want to be part of this kind of service! Below is a Donate button that you can use to help us. Donations are processed and guaranteed secure via Stripe, a worldwide payment processing company. Thanks for your consideration!

How To Help

If you’re interested in our projects, and how you might be able to get involve, email us! If you’re wondering whether Rotary is right for you and you want to join us at our weekly club meetings, email us! If you just have general questions about donations, potential project opportunities for us to assist with, opportunities to speak to our members, please email us! We welcome any questions or inquiries.

Email: durangodaybreakrotary@gmail.com


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