Firewood Support Project

Durango Daybreak has been collecting, splitting, and delivering firewood to families who need assistance to keep warm for over 12 years.

This firewood project has been an annual tradition of the club for quite a few years.  Since it began well over 300 loads (1/2 cord) have been delivered.  Wood has been donated, collected, or even delivered by various landscaping and arborist businesses as well as the SCC, City of Durango, Mountain Studies Institute, Firewise mitigations, and even other individuals.  Chip Huntoon, a former member who had a property maintenance business was instrumental in supporting and hosting the project in earlier days.  More recently the project has moved to Target Rental owned by member Jim Duke, who has provided a location and support with personnel (Lonnie Scholton) and equipment.  The club now has a couple of it's own donated splitters, a donated chainsaw, and other miscellaneous equipment.  Wood is collected throughout the year and sawing and splitting normally begins in late summer.  Recipients are identified by the Senior Center and the project coordinators (Travis Ward & Bob Mals) arrange for directions, contact, and the delivery date.  Other Durango Rotary clubs and Interact clubs also help with deliveries.

Our most recent project accomplished the following;

  • Record breaking 29 families had wood delivered in 2020!
  • Delivery included $25 gift certificate for City Market (from Chip Huntoon fund), Bag of Pinto Beans (donated by Joe Williams ), and Daybreak Rotary self addressed post card to get feedback on our delivery.
  • Total of 44 participants including 3 Interact Students for delivery this year.
  • Special thanks to Jim Duke for the use of Target Rental property and support of the entire project.
  • Covid 19 Event application submitted by Travis Ward to San Juan Basin Public Health Department.
  • Special Thanks to Dave Smiley for arranging gift certificates, bringing "bagged" Pinto beans (donated by Joe Williams) and getting post cards made up!
  • Special BIG thank you to Lonnie Scholton from Target for assistance in handling the wood.
  • Special thanks to Ted Hermessman for the use of a trailer.
  • And a huge THANK YOU to all those who donated countless hours as well as expenses and wood to the project!

Below are more photos of our volunteers!

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