Daybreak's webmaster Walt Duhaime gave a demonstration of the new Daybreak website.  On this website members can perform many different actions. Members can change their own profile information including the club picture used in our directory.  Here is acopy of the cheat sheet handed out in the meeting.


Your login for the Daybreak website is the same for the District website. Unless you have changed it, the login follows a formula (first initial, last name followed by the numbers 3241) with no spaces.  The password is random unless you have changed it.

Who can help you with a password issue?  You can! On the login page; type your login as described above, click on “I forgot my password” and follow the steps of resetting your password.  It will send a new password to the email address on file with the website.  Walt and Dave S. can help if this process is not working for you.

Current Uses: Our public face, organizes a club bulletin, Calendar, Events, links to RI/District/other places, News about meetings, Finding e-mail addresses, sending e-mail to members, updating your personal information like phone/spouse/birthdate/address/e-mail/directory photo…, check you attendance record, Photo albums, view club documents like board meeting minutes….

Future Uses:  Share work, Archive club history, Center for organizing events and committee work, set up online payment page for fundraising events.