It was the tenth running of the balls, and what a success it was.  There were three winners. Chris Douly won $5000, Sandy Blaisdell won $2000, and Alanda Martin won $1000.  Unfortunately, no one came up with the correct ball sequence for the potential $25,000 prize that was added for the tenth anniversary celebration.

As usual we had many members from all four La Plata county rotary clubs helping on the hill. Some helped with set up, some helped with ticket sales, and some helped blow up the balls and build the chutes.  Many helps pull it all down, and by 5:00 PM everyone pulled away from DMR with  trailers and trucks loaded.   This project is always a testament to the adage "many hands make light work."

The Ski Race was also a continuing tradition of joking, fixing, and ringers and the joking about the fixing with ringers.  It's all in good fun to get as many people involved as possible.  The Rotary Club of Durango obviously recruited the most ringers and won first place, followed closely by The Rotary Club of Pine River Valley Centennial in second, the Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak third, and the Rotary Club of Durango High Noon did not place.  Go to the photo albums on the Daybreak website to see how the excitement played itself out.  Image