Manna Showcase Culinary Dinner is the final for the enrolled students.  Our club is the proud sponsor of one.
Bill and I were privileged to represent our club last night at Manna's Culinary Showcase Dinner.  Daybreak sponsored a $1,000 scholarship for Tieunka Boyd, one of seven in this fifth graduating class.  We were so impressed with these students and their individual stories of success.  All seven graduates have food-related jobs as a direct result of this culinary class.  There were about 25 at the dinner - sponsors, family and staff.  The students served a beautiful 4-course meal (menu attached), everything made from scratch with fresh ingredients, including homemade marshmallows in the milkshake shooters!  A typical class can accommodate eight students, and any donation toward tuition for this program is certainly well used and so appreciated.

Our sponsored student, Tieunka, and her husband David (nickname "Shaggy"), have a wonderful story.  After living in a tent for 16 months, Manna has helped them find jobs and an apartment.  David is working at Sears and Tieunka at Durango Joe's by Walmart.  Tieunka's expertise is baking, so her boss suggested adding her specialty cupcakes to sell.  We cannot tell you how grateful they both are for the Daybreak sponsorship and how it has enabled the positive changes in their lives.  We have invited the couple to a Rotary meeting, which will be facilitated through the chef, McKenzie Miller.

At the end of the dinner, all seven students were introduced individually.  Graduate Nick has special needs, but with an aide, has successfully completed the program and is now working in the cafeteria at Bayfield High School.  Rita May, homeless at one point, had her car stolen but managed to get to every class and with a smile on her face.  When Tieunka was introduced, she tearfully handed us a bouquet of roses and thanked us over and over.  Our hearts were bursting with pride for these students!

As members of Daybreak Rotary, it is important for us to know where and how our community contributions are being utilized.  We don't always get an opportunity to see the results, but in this case, the Manna Soup Kitchen Culinary Arts Program is one tremendous investment!
Dorothy and Bill Tarpley