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Redball, a fundraising event for the Durango Area Rotary Clubs, all culminates in less than a minute at Purgatory Ski Resort.
Members of the Durango Area Rotary Clubs along with five other area non-profits organizations begin selling tickets before the end of the year.  Each ticket, which sells for $5, gives the owner a chance to win up to $5000.  But it's not as simple as it sounds.  As tickets are sold they are scanned into a computer program which then assigns two numbers to that ticket.  Then, in early February on Redball day, a crew of Rotarians and other VIP helpers assemble at the Purgatory Ski Resort.  With the assistance of Purgatory crew and volunteers, the course is set up under the able direction of Rotaries project leaders.  Approximately 100 red exercise balls are inflated, numbered, and transported to the pen set up at the top of the hill.  Traffic barrel bumpers are placed randomly on the course and a chute is constructed at the bottom.  At the designated moment, the balls are released and the race is on for the chute.  The numbers on the balls in the chute are then verified, recored, and entered into the computer which matches those two balls to a ticket, and the winner is identified.  The owner of the first two balls wins $5000, the next two ball owner wins $2000, and the third two ball owner wins $1000.  But the real winners are the non-profit organizations which work hard to make this financially successful to fund their various activities benefiting the community.