Durango Daybreak recently wrapped and delivered over forty care packages bound for the Navajo Nation.  These packages were all identical in contents having everthing from emery boards to towels.  The recipients are elderly Navajo women who live in the far reaches of the reservation without modern facilities and usually have situations like broken families that do not have the where-with-all to take care of their grandmothers.  A week before Mothers Day, a group of Rotarians delivered these packages to locations on the Reservation.  The Daybreak project was headed by BJ Boucher, and with a lot of assistance from members like Lorretta Helms and Annette Angst.  BJ has had contact with the leader of this project in the Salt Lake City area since its inception in the 1980s or 90s.  As the club became interested in this project we looked to BJ to help it get off the ground.  There is talk of continuing this project next year.