This year's firewood project was once again a great success even though our wood supplier was felled:-)  After it was evident that increased demand for wood meant that the wood would not be free Co-Community Service Chairs Hank Hays and Ken Beagles and project champion Chip Huntoon came to the rescue.  They organized a wood purchase and donation drive within the club.  Chip donated his property to stage the wood where a group of Rotarians  split about 15-20 cords. A couple of weeks ahead of delivery Jim Duke and Mike McGuire provided three power wood splitters, and within about 4 hours a group of approximately 15 Rotarians had large piles of split wood all over Chips property.  Then on November 19th the club came together once again and delivered to all of the addresses on our list.  Extra kudos goes out to Hank's wife, Trish Hays, who made delicious gluten free banana nut pancakes for all workers on both splitting and delivery work mornings.  Another great tradition we are developing here.
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